Wool Dryer Balls by i-Gruv set of 6 XL ~ Hand Made Pure Eco Friendly 100% New Zealand Wool, All Natural Fabric Softener ~ Anti Static Laundry, ~ Organic, Reusable Felt Hypoallergenic Ball ~ No Dryer Sheets ~ Best for New Born Baby Mom to Be Gift Basket and Cloth Diapers

  • SAVE YOU MONEY + PAID BY THEMSELVES + MORE! Reduce The Tumble Dry Cycle Time by up to 25% to 40% and extend the life of your clothes, Extend the Life of your Dryer Machine and Re-use your Smart Dryer Balls for 1,500+ Cycles, they will absolutelly pay back
  • GO CHEMICAL FREE! Eliminate the Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners and Enjoy the Experience of eliminating the artificial chemicals on your skin. Get your Green Product and Help the Environment and get less wrinkles! Add Esencial Oil like Lavander for Fresh Aroma. Care for your Health and Personal Care.
  • HAND MADE and SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE. Counciously made by hand in Nepal, i-Gruv plays a significant role in supporting the recovery of the economy and also offers education support to kids in the country.
  • PET FRIENDLY. They will help trap hair from cat and dog, and yes, they love to play with them! + BEST RATED by thousands of happy customers, we always get Top Reviews.
  • EXCELLENT MOM TO BE GIFT IDEA! an indispensable for Crib Sheets, Blankets, Clothes, Baby Shower, Unique Quality Clothes, give time and money back to the busy hosehold


6XL Dyer Balls Package, enhance your experience now!

Concerned of the use of chemicals & synthetics?

– High Energy Bills?

– Tired of waiting for the dryer to finish before you head out?

– Clothes keep a lot static attracting dust and pet’s hair?

– Felts inside your winter jackets accumulate in only one area after the drying cycle?

100% NEW ZEALAND WOOL GUARANTIED. We aim to always deliver authentic product by the use of certified wool to the center of the ball, don’t settle for cheap balls.

– HAND MADE & HYPOALLERGENIC. These balls are handmade in eco-friendly environments, ideal for use on delicate skin

.- SAVE MONEY + PAID BY THEMSELVES + MORE! Dryer Machines are expensive energy consumption, these Wool Dryer balls can be used for 1,500+ Cycles, will reduce your drying cycle by 25%-40% They will absolutely pay back.

– SOFTENS LAUNDRY NATURALLY & REDUCE STATIC ON YOUR CLOTHES no use of chemicals from dryer liquids or dryer sheets, excellent for those with delicate skins or babies. Static reduced will help reduce the amount of pet hair that would remain in the clothes.

– EXCELLENT GIFT FOR A BABY MOM An indispensable element for drying cloth diapers and baby clothes+crib sheets, give time and money back to the busy household.

Buyers around the world trust the Innovative designed products by i-Gruv. 100% Satisfaction or money back warrantied,

Hurry up, this special offer is about to end, get yours Today.

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