Natural Makeup & Beauty Recipes: (Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free, Homemade Beauty Recipes, Green Clean, Home Remedies, DIY Household Hacks) (Kick Chemicals to the Curb Book 2)

Claire Bowman is back again to save you time and money with this step-by-step, quick-start guide to replacing all of your carcinogenic, commercial makeup and beauty products with clean, safe and natural formulas you can easily make in your own kitchen! In fact, they’re so safe and natural, women have been using some of these methods of making themselves look gorgeous for thousands of years!

With Natural Makeup & Beauty Recipes, the second book in her popular Kick Chemicals to the Curb series, Claire Bowman will use her no-fluff approach to take you on a tour of everything from foundation to heel cream. Don’t waste countless hours trying to sift through a labyrinth of online info. Claire has already done the hard work for you by testing and perfecting these recipes one-by-one. No matter your age, skin type or ethnicity, you’ll discover all you need to know about turning your hot mess into a “hell yes”!

What’s included:

  • DIY chemical-free recipes to replace all of your commercial makeup (yes, ALL of it!)
  • How to nourish your skin with simple household ingredients
  • How to naturally unclog your pores and fight acne
  • How to reverse damage caused by commercial beauty products
  • How to make your own sunblock and tanning products
  • Inexpensive (yet amazing) hair styling solutions
  • And so much more!
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